How to buy and how to install aluminum fence and pool fencing for around your backyard or around your pool, contact us via the following phone number today! - 888-830-2219
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Aluminum Fences and Pool Fencing

Aluminum Fences Direct shows how to buy and how to install quality wholesale Aluminum Fence and Pool Fencing in a variety of styles... designed specifically for the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Owners & Contractors alike... starting at $39 a Fence Panel!!
PRE-ASSEMBLED* and ready to install!

*NO 'Assembly Required'. Our aluminum fence panels are pre-assembled, Vinyl sections and aluminum railing are not.

Great for fencing around your Pool or your whole backyard!

NOW OFFERING... Installations in and around Raleigh, NC area only.
Read towards the bottom of page for more details.

Aluminum Fences and Aluminum fencing with the look of wrought iron Filler Space

We are a wholesale provider of Aluminum Fence, Pool Fencing, Aluminum Railing and Vinyl Fence materials designed for the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) home owners and small fence contractors. Special Promotions here.

You can go directly to our How to Buy aluminum fence and pool fence page and we'll also show you How to Install it as well. Unique styles of Aluminum Fence is another way we differentiate ourselves from the competition. Great for around Swimming Pools or around your whole backyard. We specialize in a variety of vinyl and aluminum fence styles including: Cathedral, Renaissance and other ornamental styles that other companies just can't offer. We do this to best suit your specific landscaping needs, all coming standard with a lifetime warranty! All of our aluminum panels are already assembled which makes for an easy installation at an affordable price.

These styles are unique to our product offerings and are available at a fraction of the cost and WITHOUT the rust and maintenance of wrought iron. This 'Renaissance Series' is cast black aluminum fencing so you don't have to worry about rust even if you're right on the ocean. Great for churches, historical districts, houses in the city, cottages on the shore, cemeteries and much more!

Filler Space In addition to our unique styles with the look of wrought iron, we also have the standard styles for around swimming pools or for just around your beautiful backyard. Click the Fence Styles tab above to see the whole range of products available.

NOW AVAILABLE... Vinyl Fence Styles, all Affordably Priced!!

Click here for Available VINYL FENCE Styles and PRICING

Made in the U.S.A.
Help keep American workers working!!

American aluminum extrusions are purchased from American extruders and then sent to the Carolinas for fabrication, assembly and powder coating by our American workers. Just because another company says 'Made in America' doesn't mean they're getting their materials from American companies. Make sure to ask where the extrusions are being powder coated. That should give you a better idea.

The styles that you'll see here are a residential grade, but we also have commercial and industrial grades available as well! Our traditional fence sections have the ability to adjust(rack) up a slope, 12 inches for every 6 foot wide panel or up to 30 inches with our free double punched option.

All orders are customized to your specific requirements with our more popular styles available to ship within 5 business days *.
*Based on black color option and specific style listed. Bronze & White are 1-3 weeks depending on order cycle. Call for current turn-around.
All other styles will ship within 10-12 business days.

At Aluminum Fences Direct, we're an online wholesale company selling to customers who want to install it themselves.
If however, you're in the Raleigh, NC area and need help, we have an installation team that can install any type of fence you want.
Just call us at 888-830-2219 and press option 2.
If you're not in the Raleigh, NC area and would like to find a local contractor in your area to help install your fence,
Click here:

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      Commonly asked questions - Other Frequently Asked Questions appear here: FAQ

      • Q: Does DIY (Do-It-Yourself) mean that anybody can install it themselves?
        A: We'd have to say no. The sections are pre-assembled, but if you don't know how to dig 2' deep holes with a 6" diameter that are spaced 72.5" on-center, then you should probably hire someone to do it for you.

      • Q: You mention "Starting at $39", can I get a Pool Fence for $39 a panel?
        A: Actually, our Pool Code Fences start at $41 per panel for our 4' tall Floridian. As you can see, this too is very affordably priced.

      • Q: How far do you deliver to?
        A: We'll send our aluminum fence anywhere in the continental United States, but for logistical reasons, states west of Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois may have higher shipping costs. We'll include these costs with your free estimate.

      • Q: How about Vinyl Fence?
        A: Due to the extra size and weight of vinyl fencing, we can only offer free shipping on vinyl fence to North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia for vinyl fence orders that are greater than $3300.

      • Q: Where else do you offer free shipping?
        A: For aluminum fencing, we can offer free shipping on any order in excess of $3300 that are in Eastern or Central time zone locations.
        (for example: Texas, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Maine and more.

      • Q: Where is the furthest you've shipped an aluminum fence?
        A: Believe it or not, Oregon City, OR is our furthest destination. Other popular states are New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana & New Jersey.

      • Q: When you say "Shipping in 5 business days", what does that mean?
        A: If you're ordering a standard height, black aluminum fence with 4' or 5' wide single gates in the following styles... Floridian, Outback, Sierra, Appalachian or Manhattan, your order will leave in 5 business days. Then add 2-3 days in transit depending on where you're located.

      • Q: How do I place an order?
        A: Either fill out the Order Form and fax it in and we'll start the order process by contacting you via email with a confirmation quotation or send us a drawing of where the fence is going on your property via our Layout Form, and we'll send you a complete material list and price quotation.

      If you have a question that you think could benefit anyone looking for aluminum fence, please send it to us and we'll post it right away...

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